Passion for FLASHion!

Just a quick post today to share with you my obsession with Jimmy Choo’s “Flash” perfume!

Last year when it first came out, Katie’s boyfriend bought it for her and I’ve been sneaking into her room to steal a few sprays here and there ever since (no wonder the bottle went down so quickly!). I got caught in the act a few times which didn’t go down too well! So for my own safety and Katie’s sanity, I decided to finally buy my own!!

It really is a lovely, feminine smell and I even bought one for my best friend for her birthday and she absolutely loved it – it’s now her favourite smell too! It’s just one of those perfumes that everyone notices and wants to know what it is.

It lasts the entire day, which I find many perfumes do not, and the sparkly packaging and beautiful bottle really makes you feel like you’re treating yourself too!

Try it out and let us know what you think!!

Leanna x

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Skater Chic

Decided to keep my outfit simple this weekend when going out for one of my best friend’s birthdays.

I picked up this skater skirt last week from H&M as I think they are so versatile and a staple item in any wardrobe. They are very flattering  as they make your waist look smaller and give a feminine look.

I put it together with my black strappy heels and a simple black crop top with lace – a perfect combo for a night out with the girls!

Can’t wait to put together another outfit with this skater skirt!

Leanna x

(A tip for people with skinny ankles/calves – go for heels with straps that are quite high around the ankle – I feel like this really works for me and makes my legs not look too skinny!)

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Back to Black

When I first started going out in my late teens I used to wear 6” platform heels which, at 5ft6, would make me tower over my twin sister and friends who are all under 5ft3.

So the current trend of no-platform heels is right up my street! I bought these amazing court shoes the other week and absolutely love them. And believe it or not they are from Primark!

I wore them out last night for a good friend’s birthday and they gave a classy yet edgy finish to my outfit.

Can’t recommend them enough ladies!

Katie x

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Leather Love

I’ve been looking for leather trousers for quite a while to fit into my winter wardrobe, but I haven’t been able to find any that fit me well. The other week I found these in MANGO and I am so happy with them – and at £34.99 I think they were a pretty good little find!

I was tempted to go down a size because I do like my trousers tight, but I didn’t want a Ross from Friends situation!

Also they were definitely not as comfy in the size down and it would have been hard to sit down comfortably. They are slightly too long which, being 5ft2, is usually a problem for me, so I roll them up which I actually think can look better!

These will go great with so many outfits and I think every girl should own a pair!

Leanna x

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Nail it!

Who else struggles picking a nail colour?! I definitely do! I’ve always been a fan of brighter colours – pinks, reds and purples – but recently I love white!

I think it goes with everything, looks timeless and classic, and it definitely won’t clash if you choose to a get a bit colourful with your outfit! The other day I went for a manicure and decided to go for OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow’.

As you can see, it gives a smooth, no streaky finish that you sometimes get with white/nude colours, and the even better news is that you only need two coats to get this great coverage! Whereas in the past, I’ve found that other white nail varnishes can require 3 coats to get this look.

I went out last night to celebrate a good friend’s birthday and the girls loved the colour – definitely a new favourite!

Katie x

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